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Flatz Restaurant

Discover Flatz Restaurant at Renaissance Flatiron Hotel

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Our Award-Winning Restaurant

The award-winning Flatz Restaurant and Lounge is an upscale, comfortable Rocky Mountain grill with a “Food Forward” emphasis, quality ingredients, fresh local produce and craft cocktails and local beers.

In everything we do, food is forward in our thoughts. We deliver flawless execution using forward thinking and our core values as the lenses we look through to make decisions related to our service and products.

Memories begin with the senses. Everything we have ever heard, touched, smelled tasted and seen is embedded in our consciousness forming our deepest and most desirable experiences.

Our mission is to bring those positive sentiments forward through food. We are about being intriguing, indigenous, and independent. We make each dining experience delightful, distinctive and hopefully memorable.

broomfield-colorado-hotel-patio-firepit-smFlatz Restaurant and Bar with Executive Chef John Percarpio, gives foresight to making every guest feel special. We are passionate about quality products, meats and seafood, friendly service and good wines. We serve modern American foods in a very comfortable Colorado dining room.

The exhibition kitchen allows lively interaction between guests and chefs. A private dining room is perfect for business luncheons and intimate celebrations while the heated outdoor patio with seating for 40 features breathtaking vistas of the Flatiron Mountains. Come enjoy happy hour daily from 3pm-6pm or relax in the lounge for an additional taste of local culture.

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